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National Accommodation Association of South Africa

Driving the visibility, quality and concerns of guesthouses, B&B’s and self-catering accommodation throughout South Africa

NAA-SA  / Industry Association

Industry Association 

The National Accommodation Association of South Africa is the largest network of SME guesthouse, bed and breakfast, boutique hotel and self-catering accommodation operators in South Africa. Our members subscribe to the Association’s strict norms, standards and requirements - ensuring quality, reliable and value-for-money offerings.

The SME accommodation sector is a key driver of the South African economy. The NAA-SA ensures that members are visible, have a voice and are able to grow through making use of an extensive network of partners and support systems.

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NAA-SA  / Industry Association

About NAA-SA

The National Accommodation Association of South Africa is the premier national representative body of guesthouses, bed-and-breakfasts and self-catering accommodation providers; a not-for-profit organisation for the members, by the members.

We understand the value of offering personal and quality services that is part of every traveler’s personal journey. We work to unlock the full potential of this integral service provided by smaller accommodation providers, which form the backbone of South Africa’s Tourism Industry.

Smaller accommodation providers are often family or partner owned businesses, that provide personalised quality services to create

that "home away from home” experience.

These businesses become part of most travelers' journey, and create memorable experiences of their travels. It is therefore most important that accommodation establishments adhere to strict standards and norms - ensuring quality, reputable services and value for money.

SME accommodation providers form the backbone of the South African tourism Industry, which is an important pillar of the South African economy. It is therefore important for these businesses to have an organisation that helps members to become more visible, provides a voice, and helps them grow.


Amazing Guesthouses, Bed And Breakfasts (B&B) and Self-Catering Accommodation around South Africa.

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NAA-SA members get a wide range of benefits, such as discounts and specialised services through our partners, valuable networking opportunities, a myriad of support services, and a strong voice in the industry.

Member Benefits

NAA-SA Members Portal

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Free Listing On The NAA-SA Website

Listing on the NAA-SA website, and the display of the NAA-SA brand on your marketing material.

Insurance Discounts

Up to 20% reduction on B&BSure (Bryte) policy premiums, plus 5% if star graded, and a further 5% if over 65 years of age.

Bank Services

Special NAA-SA negotiated rates on credit and debit card transactions with ABSA, Nedbank, Capitec, FNB, Standard Bank and American Express.

National Representation

The NAA-SA is represented by the Chair Rosemarie Van Staden on over 30 National Boards related to Accommodation, Hospitality, Convention Bureaus, Tourism and Business.

TV Licence Discount

25% discount on your SABC Business TV licence renewals

Supplier Discounts

NAA-SA negotiated discounts and bulk deals with various suppliers for NAA members exclusively, including cheaper credit card commissions, linked MAKRO cards to NAA-SA membership provides access to the Hospitality Price Book which gives automatic discounts on listed products,  exclusive discounts on certain mattresses and so much more. Login to the NAA-SA Members Portal for full details.

Annual Membership

The NAA-SA offer reasonable annual fees.  Annual membership is R600 plus R100 per room. The cost of membership is more than covered through the various member-only savings and discounts.

Member Support

1. Access to Information
The NAA-SA, represented by the Chair Rosemarie Van Staden, serves on over 30 National Boards related to accommodation, hospitality, convention bureaus, tourism and business.

2. Industry Voice
The NAA-SA is the largest organisation in the SME accommodation sector, with B&B’s, Guest Houses and Self-Catering Accommodations as its primary focus - giving members a strong voice in the industry nationally.

3. Safety
Safety alerts and updates are regularly disseminated via the NAA-SA website and electronic communication channels.

4. Education
Member’s portal on the website offers resources, podcasts and other information, which is also shared through the regular NAA-SA newsletters.

5. Code of Conduct
NAA-SA Members agree to abide by a Code of Conduct, offering visitors the assurance of quality, ethical business and value for money.

7. Members Association
NAA-SA Board members are also themselves owners of B&B's, Guesthouses and Self-Catering Accommodation establishments, and therefore have the collective interests of members at heart. Regional Councilors are unpaid volunteers who serve with passion and purpose in the best interest of members.

South Africa is a country like no other. It is the ideal destination for those seeking a unique sensory/spiritual reawakening, a place that leaves its visitors feeling inspired, enriched and rejuvenated. South Africa gives travellers the opportunity to reconnect with real life.

South Africa offers a diversity of options to suit every traveller that will excite and revive you, that will suit your pocket, that will answer your every need and desire.

South Africa is a welcoming, friendly and fun destination, with people known for warmth, hospitality and authenticity.
So... Come to South Africa. 

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